New is a New Zealand Education - Latin American Version with Spanish Subtitles
Our world is changing...
And our world needs New.

Because New doesn't just think about the world's problems, it cares.

New acts boldly to solve challenges - but never forgets the importance of people.
It just opens my eyes to much wider opportunities.

New is prepared for today, and ready to create tomorrow.
I learned about identity, about myself.

New welcomes open minds... and different perspectives.
The thing that surprised me the most is the diversity of culture here.

New is progressive... and never stops learning.
Qualifications in New Zealand are recognised worldwide.

New is the problem-solvers
The go-getters
The innovators
The big thinkers.

New is a New Zealand education.
And New is what the world needs.


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New Zealand's Inside Stories LATAM One Minute Spanish Subtitles
Featuring famous and everyday people, including film directors, wine makers, actors and innovators, who share their perspective and stories about what makes New Zealand amazing. This film is a shortened 1 minute version and is available in English, as well as Portuguese and Spanish subtitled versions.
Take A New Look
Are you ready to take a new look at your future?
A new look at the world around you?
A new look at how learning is evolving.
A new look at how culture can unite us.
A new look at how tradition can inform the future.
A new look at how different views can deepen our understanding.
A new look at how innovation can solve problems in fresh ways
A new look at experiencing a world-leading education from anywhere.
A new look at studying in a way that suits you.
Because when we take a new look, we find new paths forward.
So if you’re ready for new...
Take a new look at a New Zealand education.

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